Welcome to the                                                     Cheshire region Biodiversity Partnership (CrBP).

The CrBP coordinates and delivers conservation action to help safeguard the Cheshire region’s most vulnerable wildlife. Within this site you will find information about the biodiversity action plan for the Cheshire region and the work of the Cheshire region Biodiversity Partnership.

Our programme of activity is part of a national and international programme of biodiversity actions. We have agreed actions to implement by 2010 and again on up to 2020, with our vision of a healthier, more wildlife friendly Cheshire region.

Although the benefits of wildlife to people and the economy are being increasingly recognised, at the same time there are still many challenges ahead: climate change and invasive species, to name just two. Our continued success requires further commitment from people from all walks of life and of all ages. Please browse the website to find out more and become involved.

Have you got a question about the
Biodiversity Action Plan in the Cheshire region?

If so, contact us on info@cheshire-biodiversity.org.uk

Latest news

April 2013:                              The Cheshire region Local Nature Partnership  is now formally recognised by Government.                                                                      Visit us on YouTube to watch Cheshire Otters                   


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